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Project 03 - Google Doodle

DESIGNER / Stephen Hibberd / 2019
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My Google Doodle



To produce an animated Google Doodle which reflected my interests and events that have happened in my life.


Hand Drawn elements in Illustrator and then animated within Animate.

Includes links to some favourite websites regarding my interests.

The animation has a standing state with low level animation. Then launches into a 2nd level of animation with more features.


Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Animate.

My Google Doodle.

Please note: If my Doodle is not showing correctly it can also be viewed at the following link: http://www.fastswf.com/5Wz_7H

(It works fine in Google Chrome, but not so good with other browsers - how ironic!)

Some of the illustrations I produced for the Doodle can be seen below. They were all drawn within Adobe Illustrator​ in vector format.

Above: Full size versions.      Below: close ups of the illustrations.

Above: Full size versions.      Below: close ups of the illustrations.

Below: Some of my sketch work leading up to drawing of the images in Illustrator.