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Project 01 - CAF (Charity Aid Foundation) 

DESIGNER / Stephen Hibberd / 2019


CAF/Charity Aid Foundation re-brand and innovative advertising campaign.  



To inspire and innovate a new design concept through the use of research methodology.

Also to attempt another way of Charity advertising without the usual guilt methods.


Advertising campaign / logo rebranding / Company stationary / Layar posters / Magazine adverts.


Adobe InDesign / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Premiere.

   CAF main logo.   
   CAF 2nd logo.   
   CAF sub brands including BANK, DONATE and G.A.Y.E.   
   Posters and advert copy.   

Below: The posters with the eight different copy lines which highlight the unusual saying's.

   Magazine adverts and Social Media.   

Below: Single page and Double page adverts. Also all social media channels following the brand styling.

   OOH advertising.   
   Company Stationary.  

Below: Round cornered business cards to match the logo style.